Additional Product Features Product Type. Before buying, I had the chance to test dozens of cards from my job sound engineer and because I’ve worked more than a year in a shop selling computer music. I do not do it again this choice of course. I also like the two separate outputs headsets. I also enjoyed the “design” of all inputs and 2 3 and 4 front.

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Either track by track or multi. Very low latency, which varies softwares.

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

There are good and less good at Focusrite Sapphire and 56 is on the right side. With Focusrite, there are a lot of precision in the bass and lower midrange is less clutter.

This price of this interface does cost more than I wanted to spend but after working with it I see saffire it cost so much.

Wholesale firewire stream disconnects from time to time. I had the opportunity to hear almost all original designs and I can assure you that the reproduction of the saffirw is far preamp see far depending on the model of the original. I had no problems with mute older drivers which were, however, less optimized with more latency.

I think it was worth the money. What you get lag?

User reviews: Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 – Audiofanzine

No The general configuration is easy? Depending on how many instruments and microphones you have set up you could need more or less. In addition they offer beta versions we just try and replace the advice directly to the brand! Well, when you start a new project, I rule or 44kHz 96kHz with buffers “means” to save the scratch in Cubase internal monitoring so as 5 to feel “lag”. Any Condition Any Condition.


The knobs are a bit fragile, finishing nice but a bit plastoc. The eight Saffire pre-amps liauid this Focusrite digital recorder give you a wider range of bandwidth to work with.

With a full, warm result with a variety of mics. Syncing it to other interfaces via ADAT has also been easy. The rack just had four preamps, and the other high-end options were just way too out of my league. Most of the deeper features of the interface are controlled through Saffire’s MixControl software.

For the home studio, it is relative is still good stuff for the studio pro but there are better elsewhere for much more!

But it really is not penalizing. No conflict for me on windows The pre-amps feature played no part in my decision though it was a nice bonus to be able to switch pre-amps on the fly and get some different sounds instantly.

Both pramps liquid, which provide liquie choice in the color decision myself I used it mainly to saturation by adjusting the harmonic distortion, emulations old tube Pultec and 72 deutsch telefunken do the job very well. It uses a firewire cable, so I expect that it can be somewhat incompatible with newer computers that don’t have it, but a quick check to focusrite’s site shows that they’re giving away thunderbolt-to-firewire adaptors, so perhaps it’s not that big an issue.


Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 Digital Recording Interface

Also part of my decision, the Liquid 56 is among some products that can be modified by Sacfire Lion Audio, making it better in terms of “high end” audio quality.

You can save the setting to CMOS and use the unit standalone on live gigs. For the home studio, I let myself be seduced by this card, as given the number of inputs and outputs and a sound that is quite correct, I could only buy that one.

And it does not happen focusrit the time either.

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 | eBay

The drivers have not been updated for my desktop computer yet but so far I have not had liquir issues to want to update. I own preamp tube adapted to my needs and does not use those cards, even emulation Liquid.

But that very few people can do Aahhhh, lucky.

I do not know.