Card , Input You can adjust this up or down to get a decent recording level from the source The right hand side is your source selection and where the “Tap” is from. On the routing page you need to pick the USB card inputs as being available to patch. On the Setup page, Remote tab, you need to enable the button on the left. The “Category” table lets you quickly jump through the available Main busses, mixbuses, Matrix, direct outs and monitors Signal source is where you select the signal from.

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In other words the file name is based on this template: The board Sub have has the USB 2. How do I get all my PC’s audio to play throught the board?

The left side shows you the input meterand directly underneath it is the “Trim” or gain knobs. That can still work – on the Routing, Card out tab you can select Card outputs be Local so now the physical input goes straight to the input on the computer.

The look and feel of this page is homage to the oldschool tape recorders that were around back in the day. ASIO is preferable since it allows the full 32×32 if you wanted that, but doesn’t allow sharing the device between programs.

Having a mix from your FOH mix has its benefits, for example you can listen and review the mix later at home to see where you can improve on, quickly edit, master and bounce the wav file to MP3 for distribution or archival and so on. Posts should be made to inform or facilitate discussion.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER: VGN-Z12MN

Now the PC doesn’t even see the X CardInput Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I found this video to be really helpful when I set up my X32 to do multitrack recording and playback with Reaper: This is the first screen you are greeted with when you hit the View button under the USB slot.

Phantom power, depends – on the routing page you have Inputs which could come from Card or Local Use this if you want your recording to have the EQ and compressor etc effects on it, but don’t want to be affected from usbb live mix when you bring up or down the fader during the mix. I’m having one issue still I installed the USB driver, and can get audio input, but do not get anything sending to the boards output.

A short video on this: I went to inputs and selected card and such. The buttons are labeled under the main view page and simply just tap on it to activate what you want.

X-USB | Accessories | Mixers | Behringer | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

To control the preamp or switch phantom for an input that isn’t routed to a channel on the desk you will need to go to the Setup page, preamps tab, and find your physical input there.

This will give you an almost “raw” signal ” Post EQ ” will tap the signal from just after the EQ, before the dynamic effects and the faders. Want to add to the discussion? For example you have Input Similarly, office pics are generally considered low-effort fluff, image posts should have some point other than karma and promote discussion Check out our Discord server! If you want to use something else you would have to close Reaper. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


Do not post pictures of text here, they will be removed. Then you may need to change the input source on uxb channel’s config page if you had changed them in the past.

In the box there is a manual, and I know for a fact the manual has this written out in one of the later pages. If you want phantom power on a physical input which is on the routing page you can do that from the channel it’s assigned to. The “Category” table lets you quickly jump through the available Main busses, mixbuses, Matrix, direct outs and monitors Signal source behrinver where you select the signal from.

On the other hand if your Routing page looks like Input I think you should be good to go at that point but depends on the software you’re controlling, I don’t use it with reaper so can’t help you with the Behrinnger part of it.